The intuitive and intelligent contract management of the future.

"Pacta sunt servanda - Agreements must be adhered to and monitored." With PACTA, you automate all your legal documents and legal operations in one intelligent workflow and can monitor it in a data-driven way.


We pave the way for companies and law firms to achieve sustainable growth and make law and contract management accessible to everyone.

Using technology that anyone can operate, we enable our clients to automate their legal processes, creating intelligent legal communications.



Link between teams and departments

A contract requires at least two people. However, there are many more people who have a point of contact in the lifecycle of legal documents.

Bring together management, legal, and departments such as procurement, sales, and human resources on one contract management platform with PACTA and map the right legal workflows for each internal and external stakeholder.

This allows you to optimize your legal operations and make them collaborative.  Contracts, brochures, legal statements, data sheets and many other documents can be processed and monitored simultaneously in all departments of your company.


Scalable, agile contract processing on demand

Without contract management, a contract is concluded within 70 days on average. However, the time required to coordinate individual contract parameters with the contractual partner is often only a few hours. The devourers of time are administrative activities and inefficient document creation and processing.

PACTA solves exactly this problem. Departments or clients can access prefabricated contract forms and legal processes on demand, controlled by internal or external lawyers.

This allows you to relieve the legal department and reduces the error rate by 75 %. You can define a framework in advance and in case contract clauses exceed this framework, an automated release and approval process starts.


Optimization of negotiations

Contract negotiation usually consists of endless email chains, editing word documents in markup mode, and hundreds of comments.

With PACTA, you negotiate and edit contracts together with all parties in real time.

This way you halve both the number of your negotiation steps and your absolute negotiation time.


Monitoring of all contract dates and deadlines

Searching through documents for relevant contract parameters can involve a lot of hassle. It is even more unpleasant if you miss a deadline due to a lack of clarity and are thus bound to your contract for an even longer period of time, for example.

PACTA extracts all your contract data and contractual deadlines for you and presents them clearly in a searchable and customizable table.

You will never again miss termination, delivery or payment deadlines and keep track of all your contracts or selected segments, projects or distinct parameters.


Sustainability and resource savings

Concluding contracts by handwritten signatures, mailing and returning paper documents is not only time-consuming but also resource-intensive.

With PACTA Signature, you sign your documents within seconds instead of waiting an average of two weeks for a contract to be returned.

In so doing you can also protect the environment and save costs. For example, a medium-sized company would save an average of almost 300,000 pages of paper, 4.3 tons of wood and 1.5 tons of CO2 per year.


Digitization of your paper documents

We understand that not all companies and law firms are yet using digital documents or electronic files. The step to digitization is not always easy and often requires good change management.

We have approached this problem and came up with a solution as easy as possible for you. PACTA comes with automated text recognition (OCR) software that automatically turns simple scans into readable PDF documents.

This way digitization reaches you sooner and easier than you expected.


Collaboratively create, negotiate, digitally sign, analyse and share documents across organisations. Optimise the entire lifecycle of your documents and contracts.

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Collaboration & Negotiation

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With PACTA you can scale your business even faster and more sustainably. Find out how and receive the first 5 PACTA signatures per month for free during the first year of your contract:

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